Stung by a wasp

I decided to work from home this morning.  Around 11 o’clock I went out into the backyard for a little break.  I walked over to the garden to check the tomato plant.  I felt something under my right foot.  It felt like I was standing on a sharp twig.  The longer I stood there, the more it hurt.  My internal pain response mechanism sent a memo to my lower right appendage stating: “Hey, maybe you should move your foot”.  I did just that.  A large red wasp flew up from under the grass where I had just been standing.  It flew towards my head.  I maintained my manliness by not shrieking like a little girl.  Instead I frolicked back to the patio and assessed the damages.  Nothing like a good ol’ wasp sting between the pinky and next toe to start off a Tuesday.  That hurt like hell.  Coincidentally, my boss, who is also a pharmacist, called shortly after the attack.  Remedy: vinegar.  The acetic acid in vinegar neutralized the sting.

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  1. I was reading this entry because I was wondering how to cure bug stings. I recently got bit by fire ants and today being the 4th day am finally not iching, and barely yesterday I noticed my swelling going down. My whole ankle was swollen as if I had spranged it, and I had only gotten bit by two of them continuously I assume, b/c I had on one the bites a straight line of those liquid filled bubbles. So after it had happened I did wonder if putting vinegar would help it, but you know for some stupid reason I didn’t and I totally regret it!

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