Weird dreams, DSP HDTV

I took Elise to the airport on Friday morning to spend five days in Des Moines.  I went to work for a few hours and left early to beat traffic and make my way east to spend the weekend with my parents. 

I got to Cat Spring around 6:30 p.m.  Mom, Dad and I went to Cross Roads for fried catfish.  We came home and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  I had weird dreams last night.  I rarely remember my dreams.  In my first dream, a little Dachshund puppy was playing in a pond.  He was exiting the water and a large catfish came up from out of the water and swallowed the puppy up to his neck.  The catfish kept his head out of water and body in the water just enough to where I could see the little puppy’s head in the mouth of the fish.  The little puppy was shivering.  I woke myself up.

In my next dream, a little black and white kitten was playing near the same body of water.  A large crocodile came out the water and ate the kitten.

I didn’t sleep well for the rest of the night.  I can sort of understand why a catfish was in my dream, but not the small domesticated pets or the crocodile.

Today we all woke up early.  Dad cleaned the boat.  I took a shower and went outside and figured out why the depth/fish finder on the boat wasn’t working.

After that, we all hopped in the truck to drive to Katy to get a new TV for my parents.  My parents, after a lot of homework, decided on a 50″ Samsung DSP HDTV.  We went to Best Buy because they were offering a free Xbox with the purchase of a TV $1,500 or more.  So now yours truly has an Xbox.  Best Buy really did have the best buy.  The same TV was the same price at Circuit City, but no Xbox.  CompUSA and Fry’s were both $200 more.

Now we’re home.  I hooked the new TV up and Dad and I are watching the Texans play the Cowboys.  Tomorrow we’re going boating at Lake Somerville.

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