Napoleon Dynamite

Elise and I went on a date last night. We had an early, comped (catering favor) dinner at Rounders – great pizza. Food tastes better when it’s free. After dinner we saw a sneak preview of the movie Napoleon Dynamite. That was the funniest, most feel good movie I can remember seeing in a long time. If I wasn’t cracking up, I was grinning from ear to ear for the entire movie. I’m seriously thinking about going to see it again this afternoon while Elise is at work.

We came home and watched part of Jay Leno and then Headbanger’s Ball featuring Metallica. Very cool evening.

We got up this morning and scoped out the Westlake Farmer’s Market. We bought some peaches. I’m home alone. I need to change the oil in my truck but it’s somewhere near 475 degrees in my garage.

On another note: people just kill me sometimes. We have community mailboxes in our neighborhood. Everyday when I’m driving into the neighborhood from work, I stop and pick up the mail. Twice now someone has stopped their car behind me, waited for me to get out, get my mail, get into the truck and driven off so they can move their car five feet forward to get out and check their mail.

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