Matt after 10 years, Josh is Operations Manager

The past five days have been amazing and crazy. Thursday was the last full day of work at the Austin office. I came to work at 6 a.m. on Friday to meet my boss, pack up up computers, networking equipment and the file server and I hauled off to the new Marble Falls office to start networking the consolidation (fulfillment and the Austin office) of computers. We worked 12+ hours. Most of our staff were there helping out. After everyone left for the day, my boss, his wife (who also happens to be the V.P.) had a meeting at which I was offered a promotion. I had to bite my lip so as to maintain some form of professional appearance and not grin from ear to ear.

We worked all day Saturday as well. I made sure our network of eight printers and ~10 computers were ready for the beginning of the work week on Monday. We’re operational as of now, but I’m going to have to go in this Saturday and rebuild the network infrastructure from the ground up.

Shortly after I got home from work on Saturday evening, I heard a voice on our answering machine from ten years ago. Matt, my best friend from elementary school called to let me know that he was in town for the weekend for a family reunion. Elise and I met up with Matt, girlfriend Gabrielle and brother Rusty downtown and dropped into Casino El Camino for drinks. It was awesome seeing and talking to Matt after ten years but was really bummed that we had to end the night early. It was a shame too that Matt was only in town for a couple days. I’m really hoping he and I can see each other again soon.

I worked on my truck all day Sunday. I say “worked” – really I just cleaned it. I removed the rack from the bed, cleaned the inside, washed and waxed the exterior. After hours of truck time, I drove over to Philips new apartment out in Steiner Ranch. Very nice crib. We sat outside in the hot sun with some cold ones while Philip grilled steaks and sausage. That was a good way to end a long weekend. I left Philip’s around seven so I could get home in time for the first game of the NBA finals. I fell asleep around nine. Luckily I did because I don’t think I would have liked to have stayed up to watch the Pistons beat the Lakers.

This week has been a blur. My boss announced my promotion to our staff on Monday. After that, the work just started trickling in. Trickling is an understatement – it gushed. I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday already.

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