Memorial Day 2004

Postcentral Gyrus Let’s see… On Friday I came home from work and watched the Pistons and Pacers game. On Saturday I cleaned the inside of my truck and helped Elise cater a wedding. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the server side of a wedding. I came home that night and watched the Timberwolves beat the Lakers. Elise had to work all day Sunday. I woke up and wanted to mow the yard but it was raining. That light rain eventually turned into humidity and made it completely impossible to spend any significant time outside. So I guarded the TV all day. I sat on the couch for probably nine hours. I didn’t do a damn thing except watch TV. It was actually kind of nice. When 8 p.m. rolled around I started feeling sorry for myself. I had missed out on a lot of Memorial Day adventures. John called around 10 p.m. so I went to his house for a couple hours.

Elise and I woke up early on Monday. I was finally able to mow the lawn. I met Ray, one of my neighbors across the street. Elise cleaned the inside of the house and planted a few flowers in the garden. John and Christine came over later that afternoon. We went to Ski Shores for a late lunch. We then went to watch the NASCAR IMAX movie. John liked that. We then went to Serranno’s for really crappy food and service. I’m yet to have anything decent at Serranno’s so I’ve put them on my restaurant blacklist.

Tuesday felt like Monday. Going back to work after a long weekend is rough. Today was a bad day. I became really upset with my job so I only worked for a few hours. I talked to my boss and things be better come Friday.

In financial news. Spurred by subtle advice from my mom, I’ve decided to postpone purchasing an iBook. Instead I’m taking that money and paying things off. That’s a kick in the yarbles but I decided that it was the right thing to do. And I was soooooo close too. The road to financial independence is paved with a lot of “Damnits!”

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