DoubleDave’s and landscaping rocks

This past Friday Elise and I rented Big Fish and Kill Bill Vol. 1. On the way home we stopped at HEB and picked up some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. We both didn’t like Big Fish. I guess it was over-hyped.

On Saturday we drove way out to the middle of nowhere somewhere west of Dripping Springs and set up a catering at a couples’ home. We drove back to El Arroyo, had dinner and walked down 6th street to eye the goods being sold at the Pecan Street Festival. We didn’t find much of interest and it was getting too cold to be outside.

We woke up early on Sunday and I started cleaning the interior of the Jeep. This was necessary because it was becoming a health issue. Last weekend while helping Elise cater the GreenFest, I spilled chicken fajitas inside the Jeep. Chicken fajita meat doesn’t smell good after sitting in a car for 8 days. The good thing about having a Jeep is that you can pull the drain plugs and hose out the interior.

After sanitizing our ride, we drove back out to nowhere somewhere west of Dripping Springs to pick up the table and chafing dishes we dropped of the day prior. We came back to Oak Hill and cashed in on a free lunch buffet for two coupon at DoubleDave’s. I always remembered DoubleDave’s as having crappy pizza. Our pizza was really good this time.

Since we had the van, we drove to Dollar Tile and bought some (1200 lbs.) landscaping stones. We spent the rest of the afternoon edging our garden and the oak trees in the front yard.

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