Rusty Weir, working with Elise, Austin Wranglers

I hurried home on Friday after work to mow the yard. A couple of months ago I had pulled up the existing owners’ flower bed/garden that was edged with landscape timbers and positioned awkwardly in our backyard. I found that there is now a plethora of sweet basil growing from where the bed used to be. I pulled up 20 of the young plants and planted them in my garden and in a couple pots. I’m thinking it won’t take long before grass will take over that old garden box area.

After my yard work, I hopped in the shower and went to the Austin Music Hall to see Elise. She catered her boss’s UT fraternity reunion. I ate fajitas and watched Rusty Weir perform.

Elise went back to work on Saturday morning. I got up and did some more leveling in the backyard for the to-be-built-someday deck. Then it was off to El Arroyo before going to the Copper Tank to help Elise cater Galleywinter’s GreenFest 2004. I’m guessing that I rolled 7.2 million fajita tacos. We had a lot of fun even though we were working and didn’t get home until 4 a.m.

Sunday morning rolled around too quickly and guess what? Back to El Arroyo. Elise and I drove the catering van out into the high rollers’ neighborhood to pickup some chafing dishes and tables from a previous event. On our way back to the restaurant, Elise rolled down her window and talked to a bird. Keep in mind, we’re driving around in a old, beat up baby blue cargo van in a very well-to-do neighborhood and my wife is leaning her head out the window saying “Hey bird, what kinda bird are you?” Had to have been there.

The van ran out of gas on 5th street 300 yards from the restaurant. Elise was already late for a meeting with a client and John was on his way to pick me up. Elise went to her meeting and John and I stayed and had lunch at the restaurant. We then went to the Frank Irwin Center to watch the Austin Wranglers lose to the New Orleans VooDoo. Although Austin lost, the game was a lot of fun to watch.

After peeling a parking ticket off of John’s windshield, we drove to CompUSA so John could price digital video cameras. We just looked. We went back to our house, hung out in the backyard until Elise got home and then ordered a pizza. Elise went back to work, John went home and I stared at the TV for the rest of the evening.

It was a busy, fun and way-too-short of a weekend.

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