Janicek (JNCK) sees no gains second half of April

There are two truths in this world: Teeth and taxes.

I haven’t been my normal Seinfeldian self recently with the checkbook. I decided to give the online statement a gander today only to find that *gulp*… we have a lot of month at the end of the money!

At first I was mad, thinking that we had frivolously tossed our money around this month. I closely examined our e-statement to find that I shouldn’t beat myself up over this financial stress. I paid my dentist a large amount earlier this month for some new choppers. I paid the IRS half of what we owe. I paid off a large amount of our Basset credit card balance (even though we have something crazy like 57 years same-as-cash). I can’t stand being financially indebted. So, we’re struggling now but it’s for the greater good.

It’s Ramen and Kool Aid until May.

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