John lends me some wheels, crawfish arrabiata

I was going to buy a new bicycle this past weekend but John talked me out of it. Instead of dropping $300 on a new bike, he said he’d lend me his. I think this is all because he wants me to spend my money on an iBook (I check daily for release information). I’ve been really itching to ride a bicycle again since mine (and Elise’s) were stolen last month.

So John brought his and Christine’s bikes over to our house on Tuesday. As a token of my appreciation I told him that I wouldn’t let his bike get stolen and I cooked him dinner. I sent Elise to Central Market for crawfish and prosciutto and I started making dinner. I fixed an on-the-fly arrabiatta with shell pasta, tomato, garlic, onion, basil (from my very own garden!), crushed red pepper, crawfish and prosciutto. I tossed that with a cheap chardonnay reduction, heavy cream and butter. I blush when complimented so John said it best when he noted that the sign of a good meal is when no one is talking. Elise, John and myself sat at the kitchen table without saying much. I had to point out that it was also 10 p.m. so I could have fed everyone cardboard filets topped with Cascade crème anglaise and still received the same response. Regardless, I thought it was good. I’ve enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen for four years now and like it when something turns out right. I become nervous cooking for friends because my friends are the kind who will tell you you have a booger hanging out of your nose while deep in conversation with someone of significance.

So I now have John’s bike. I’m going to ride to work tomorrow. 8 miles. Both ways. Up hill. In the snow. I’m curious as to how long that’s going to take me.

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