Painting the guest bathroom

Elise’s and my project this weekend is the guest bathroom. We had to prime the walls twice to cover up the bloody wine colored paint that the previous owners chose. Elise is finishing up the paint job as I write this. She chose a color called tranquility or serendipity or something of that nature. It’s a really calming green. When she’s done I get to install a new sink faucet.

Before going to the HoPot this morning we had lunch at the Satellite Cafe in Oak Hill. Our objective: have a quick breakfast, buy paint, go home and paint the bathroom. We were at Satellite Cafe for an hour. Our food took nearly 45 minutes. I was about ready to walk out because 1) breakfast is my least favorite meal, 2) we were behind schedule (I’m the Home Improvement Nazi). “It [explitive] needs [explitive] to get [explitive] done right [explitive] NOW!!!” and 3) it was almost noon and I don’t like eating breakfast that close to lunchtime.

Anyway, the wait was worth it. I had a wild berry smoothy and Elise had coffee. For our meals Elise had gingerbread pancakes with two eggs over easy. I had the Mississippi Sun – two veggie cakes topped with roasted potatoes, two poached eggs, chipotle citrus hollandaise with black bean pico and a serrano herb sauce. Muy bueno!

Well, I’m procrastinating. I should be helping Elise in the bathroom. Painting, that is.

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