Demi for me

You might not believe this, but is censored. If it were up to me, I would use more words like poo, cat vomit and intermittent. I’ve been told on many occasions that some of the entries I post can be “offensive” to some.

Well, I’m posting this one because I think it’s funny. I must first explain that Elise and I are very, Very, VERY happily married.

I woke up early on Sunday and took a shower. As I walked towards the kitchen, adorned with only a towel loin cloth when Elise woke up and said “I had a dream that you cheated on me.” I have, nor would I ever cheat on my wife or give her any reason to think or dream such. Dreams are weird like that. A dream that I cheated on her was a way for her subconcious to hash out some other personal crisis – something like “would mocha-colored crown molding go with gunstock-colored hardwood floors?”

Like most men in a cotton loin cloth, I though: “Hmmmmm… what type of woman does my own wife see me being intimate with?” Being the sensitive and strategic husband that I am, I asked: “Burrrrrrrrp, So… was she hot?!?!”

Elise’s response: “She looked like Demi Moore, except without the boobs or the good looks.”

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