iPod Mini released today

I read this article over at iPodlounge this afternoon. This particular paragraph seems as if it were written for me:

After trying “Switch” as a campaign to sell the Mac on its own merits, Apple is assuming that the iPod might serve as a gateway drug, demonstrating the company’s legendary ease of use and seducing Windows users into adding a Mac to the den instead of another PC.

I’m actually going to CompUSA right after work today to get Elise’s iPod Mini. I preordered a blue one for her for her Valentine’s Day present thinking that she would get it before they hit store shelves this evening. It hasn’t been shipped and my debit card hasn’t been charged. Bad Apple. I called Apple and told them I wanted to cancel my order right after I called the local CompUSA and asked the manager to hold a silver Mini for me.

I guess it all worked out for the better because Elise hinted that she would prefer the silver Mini over the blue.

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