All the house shopping

Yesterday I threw away approximately 72 house fliers. These fliers are usually 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper enclosed in a weatherproof container that is attached to a For Sale sign in front of a house. I kept these fliers somewhat neatly organized in my old, empty Olive Garden employee training notebook.

That means that Elise and I drove by and picked up fliers for 72 houses. If I had to guess, I’d say that we picked up 30 more and immediately threw them away because the house was out of our price range or didn’t meet some other criteria. I’d say we looked at another 25 houses that didn’t have fliers. Elise has gone to look at houses on her own many times. She has probably looked at 40 houses by herself. Della, our agent has sent me 74 house listing e-mails. She probably sent me more but were deleted because of criteria. On average, these house listing e-mails contain 3 or more houses for sale. Combined Elise and I have looked at another couple hundred houses in Travis County online.

That comes out to 1.4 billion houses for sale that Elise and I have seen since early summer.

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