Pinnacle Studio 8 serial number

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinnacle. I used to own a DC30 Pro video capture card. I upgraded my OS to XP. Pinnacle said they were not going to update drivers for the DC30 to work under XP. Bad Pinnacle.

I sold that capture card and recently purchased Pinnacle’s Studio 8 bundled with a DC10 analog capture card.

When I tried to install the program software I was asked for a 10 digit serial number. The number is to be found on the back of the Guide to Movie Making manual. On the back of said manual are a bunch of phone numbers and an eight digit number on the bottom right corner of the back cover.

I called Pinnacle’s 1-800 number where I was told to hang up and call a long distance number for consumer product technical support. I called the long distance number to get an hours of operation recording.

So long story short. If you need the serial number for Pinnacle Studio 8, here you go: 4511089346.

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  1. Thank you for posting this key. I lost the the Pinnacle 8 book with the code years ago and did not trust downloading from a torrent. You rock Janicek!

  2. Some many years back I bought Pinnacle Studio 9 (specifically and then a few months later, I bought Dazzle, which came with 9QS… I called the good folks at pinnacle to try to get an extra activation code, since I bought 9.4 as well as 9QS (w/Dazzle) and could really only use the later version I had already installed, but they’re a bunch of weenies, so no joy…

    Anyhow, here’s a few digits to help someone get going on this ancient software… (should ought to be a promotional giveaway by now… especially since dazzle will only do 340×280… pathetic!)
    Pinnacle Studio 9 QuickStart (with Dazzle)
    00019-89036-19200-03480-80241 PASSPORT
    Pinnacle Studio 9.0.34
    00042-56248-55500-02119-65114 PASSPORT

    If anyone has HFX, 5.1 or MP3 activations, please post!

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