The important things that Mickey and I accomplish at work

mickeysmind316: did you find out Terry’s last name at
the pharmacy?

mangledhand: Harrycarrie

mangledhand: no

mangledhand: Terry Harrycarrie would be scary

mickeysmind316: I guess ill just put Attn: Terry on it

mangledhand: really scary if her middle name was

mangledhand: or Larry

mickeysmind316: to marry

mangledhand: What if she’s hairy?

mickeysmind316: that would be for a fairy

mangledhand: What if she was the captain of a ferry?
With her sidekick fairy?

mickeysmind316: his name is Harry Hairy

mangledhand: Larry, would you marry Terry Harrycarrie if she were hairy, drove a ferry with her friend the fairy?

mangledhand: Whoa

mangledhand: That was a Haiku

mickeysmind316: good one

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