Lions are Growing Like Yellow Roses on the Wind

So I’m doing some not-so-regular maintenance on last night and decide to see who has become a registered user of the site. I’m looking around when all of the sudden I see a registered user by the name of “pig”. Next to the nickname is “Matt Montgomery”. I laughed and said out loud: “Hey! I know a Matt Montgomery”. For grins I kept reading. His signature read: “Fence-eater”. My eyebrows curled a little and I thought to myself: “Hey, I know a Matt Montgomery who is a fence-eater”. By fence eater I mean that Matt and I were riding little 50cc Honda dirt bikes on my parent’s property when we were around 11 years old. Matt hit a sandy spot on the trail, rode parallel to a barbed wire fence and had his arm and leg chewed up pretty nicely. We spent the rest of the night in the emergency room.

Matt left a link to a homepage. After closer inspection I found out that the Matt who became a registered user on is the Matt that I grew up with. We used to be inseparable late in our elementary school years. I eventually moved out to Cat Spring with my parents and Matt and I slowly lost touch.

Matt is apparently living in Hollywood and plays guitar for the band Amen. Judging from the ensemble I’d venture to guess that they play inspirational Tejano music.

Though only virtual, it’s weird to see and find out about an old friend who I haven’t heard from in over a decade.

[9/2/05 Update: Matt is here. “Lions are Growing” is here.]

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