House shopping and loads of Tex Mex leftovers

I rushed home from work on Friday and cleaned the apartment for most of the night. Every once in a while I have to clean so I can remember why I don’t like cleaning. I made the process more palatable by throwing on my headphones and shuffling all of my Tool albums on the iPod. After four hours of cleaning, I took the trusty Shadow out to gather manly things. I first went to Hollywood Video and rented Terminator 3 and The Italian Job. Next I went to the Diamond Shamrock for beer. I went home, watched Terminator 3, drank beer and scratched myself while sitting in my clean apartment.

Elise came home from work around midnight with approximately 972 lbs. of crab rolls, mini chimichangas and chicken flautas. We had to throw the chimichangas and flautas away, but froze most of the crab rolls. We stayed up until 2 a.m. or so, just talking out on the balcony.

We woke up early on Saturday. I took a chimichanga-caked sheetpan to the dumpster because our apartment smelled like El Arroyo. Elise had to get the door for me on my way out because I was toting 938 lbs. or stale, fried Tex-Mex appetizers. Really. I walked back from the dumpsters to find out that I had been locked out of my apartment and Elise was taking a shower.

I hung out outside for 15 minutes or so and then started banging on the door. Elise finally opened the door for me. I was pretty upset. That made Elise upset. Then we went and looked at houses with Della for five hours. The whole time Elise and I were giving each other the silent treatment. Quite counter productive when you’re house shopping with your spouse.

I finally showed Elise the bulging biceps I had acquired by carrying half a ton of greasy leftovers. She giggled at me, curtsied and we danced like those goons in the movie Grease. We went home, Elise took a nap and went to look at more houses. I stayed home and started reading a book. My parents called. We talked about houses. Elise came home shortly thereafter. She talked to my parents about houses. I went into the office and ripped a few more CDs. I talked to Riley about houses. Riley went onto the balcony and talked to my parents about houses.

Elise and I got up on Sunday and looked at houses. We called Della and had her drive out to show us a couple more houses in a neighborhood that we’re eyeing. We got home just as the sun was going down. Elise made a really good cheese and potato soup. We watched The Italian Job and went to bed.

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