My computer made my hit list

I recently purchased a 52X CD burner on eBay. I bought it because my 2X burner wasn’t really cutting the mustard. The installation took me all of five minutes. I started ripping some CDs using iTunes when I suddenly received an XP error, something to the effect of “Drive E: write error”. I clicked My Computer and noticed that my C drive existed, but my 30GB E and 120GB F drives weren’t showing up.

“Hmmm…” thought I. So I restarted my computer. All three hard drives were there. I started ripping another CD. After the first song ripped, I got the same error. I restarted again. Same thing happened.

I’m not usually a violent person, but something clicked and I kicked the ever living hell out of my computer. I mean hard. I was livid. I went East Side on my PC tower. I threw a couple gang signs and even tried to stab the side of my computer with a screwdriver. Seriously. I am soooo pissed at my computer right now. For the past six weeks I haven’t even wanted to sit down in front of it because I wind up having to fix something – or I have to ship it off to my Mom who has the patience (and lack of a gang sign repertoire) to work on it.

Anyway – I pulled out the 52X CD burner and put my old one back in. Things work normally again but what a pain that was. Now I have a CD burner that I can’t use. I’m really looking forward to getting an iBook. I’ve always thought that I’d remain biplatform if I were to own a Macintosh but the way things are looking, I just might have to switch.

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