Mom and Dad’s road trip report

Mom and Dad road tripped it west to sunny San Deigo to visit my siblings. They’re slotted to come back to Texas on November 1.

Hi, Just thought I’d check in with you to see how the Houston catering trip went. Knowing you, it went well and you did an excellent job and made lots of money for the company.

Hope you had a nice stay at Cat Spring and it didn’t feel so lonely. I was wondering if you don’t mind letting me know if you got the two packages from UPS.

It is nice to be able to be away from home and still retrieve email messages. I’m sure it was available all these years and I didn’t know. Oh well!

Terri and Craig’s house is BEAUTIFUL. She says to say hello for her. You know Terri has a knack for “fixing” things up with all the extras that make a house a home. The climates is so nice and David is able to breathe again without all his meds and nose wash.

We had Mexican food Monday night, the night we got here. Tuesday, over to Lisa, Ron and Jason’s for lobster and salad. This evening before dark, we’llhave a picnic in the park and Thursday over to Lisa’s to spend the night and Friday off to Warner Springs for the three day weekend to have more fun and enjoy the mineral springs. Then off to Chuck, Lisa and kids place for a nite or two. After all that, we’ll head home and hopefully be back by Nov. 1st.

Oh yeah, forgot to tell about seeing Daddy, Jeanie and Dean in Pahrump, Nv. A lot of sand and cactus. I guess Daddy doesn’t care since he stays inside mostof the time in his PJ’s. He gave us $80.00 to go out and eat the night we got there, but refused to go with us. We brought him some leftovers and he was as happy as anyone. We talked a bit more the next AM and off to have brunch at one of the casinos, again leaving Daddy at home. Then packed up and were on our way to Calif. The traffic was so heavy leaving Vegas that we stopped off for the night in Barstow. Never again will we take that route on a Sun. night with all the people trying to get back for Monday work day.

Well, I didn’t mean to go on and on, but the coffee Terri and Craig have here has got me all hopped up.

Love you guys and am anxious to see you two on Turkey Day.

Love you

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