Kiss and Aerosmith, home shopping

I woke up early on Saturday and went for a salubrious 20+ mile bicycle ride. The hills in Austin are pretty rough. That was exhausting. I came home, flopped down on the couch and watched the majority of the Sopranos third season on DVD.

5 p.m. rolled around and Elise called to tell me she was on her way home. Once she got home, we hopped in the Jeep, drove to El Arroyo, picked up her boss’s Suburban and drove to DKR stadium so Clay (bossman) could have his vehicle. That was amazingly frustrating. We got to the stadium just after UT beat Kansas States. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me that the entire world attending that game. We were stuck, in our vehicles for almost half an hour in a mob of burnt orange wearing pedestrians. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people at one time in my life.

Being an hour late already, we finally dropped off Clay’s Suburban and hauled butt to San Antonio for the Kiss and Aerosmith concert. We got to the Verizon Amphitheater just in time to catch the end of Kiss’s first song. Needless to say, the concert was awesome.

We slept in on Sunday, went to Hut’s for lunch and then house shopping for almost four hours. Elise actually pooped out before I did. We’re both getting really excited and nervous about buying a house. It still might be a year before we buy, but we’ve got [financial] blinders on.

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