Demon smoke alarm

Our brain piercing smoke alarm went of at 5 a.m. Monday morning. My wife happens to be a snooze hitter, so I can usually tune out any annoying beeps and buzzes while sleeping. This particular incessant squeal made me open my eyes, but remain relatively unresponsive. Elise got out of bed and assessed the situation. The manly man that I am stayed in bed with the comforter pulled up to my chest.

Elise came back to bed. There was no reason for the smoke alarm to go off. I asked Elise: “Was that a poltergeist?” Dumb me. I’m not manly because I didn’t get out of bed to check for a fire, now I can’t go back to sleep and I keep pulling my legs in closer to my body because I’m thinking there is a paranormal demon roaming our apartment, setting off smoke alarms and looking for some hairy, skinny legs to eat for a late night snack.

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