Candelabra, Canon S400, Erin’s b-day party

Due to a short stint in a decompression chamber, I have found it hard to contribute to my site as of late. Last week was Shark Week on the Discover Channel and, well, it’s been rough.

The short of it: Last Saturday I picked up our new Canon PowerShot S400. I sold a load of stuff on eBay so we could buy it. It’s the coolest toy I’ve had since my solar powered flash light. That night we went to our friend, Evelyn’s 30th birthday party. We had a great time. I was able to catch up with some of my old buddies from Vidbook and was able to sample Bob’s (Evelyn’s boyfriend) cooking. The food and company was great.

John and I built a candelabra on Sunday. That was a lot of fun. We took swim breaks in the pool in between trips to Garden Ridge and Home Depot. I’m really thinking about making a go of a weekend business building hand-made candelabras.

I worked like a madman all day last week. I would get to work, look at the clock and 9 hours had already passed. Elise, Harold, Tony (Harold’s friend and neighbor) and yours truly saw Freddy Vs. Jason on Monday. We all liked it a lot. Elise went to Tae Kwon Do with me on Wednesday. She talked to Della (Children’s TKD instructor and our realtor) the whole time.

John and Christine threw a party for their friend, Erin at their house. The party was a lot of fun. Elise catered. Everyone enjoyed the food. A lot of people complimented John’s and my candelabra craftsmanship…

Elise had to work on Saturday so I went back over to John’s to hang out in the pool. He and Christine left early in the afternoon to pick Christine’s car from being serviced. Before they left, I told John to pick up candelabra supplies on the way home. He did. We’re in the middle of our second project.

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