St. Anger

I went back to Warehouse Music yesterday during my lunch break and picked up my copy of St. Anger. The clerk seemed like a cool kid, what with his spiked hair, leather and studded jewelry. I asked how the new CD sounded. He said he liked it a lot and was going to buy it himself. I went on to explain to him that I’ll give my money to Metallica only because I’m a fan (despite Load and ReLoad). I then told him that I usually just use Kazaa. Oops. All the sudden the lighthearted friendliness fizzled from our conversation. I left. I guess some diehard record store employees aren’t keen on peer-to-peer file sharing clients. I didn’t care. I came home for lunch and watched the first half of the enclosed DVD.

In other news: Austin was rated the best city for singles in 2003 because of “its terrific job market, its low cost of living…” Who the hell comes up with this stuff? Seriously.

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