Johnny Carino’s – blech

We decided to try out Johnny Carino’s last night. We agreed that we’ll stick to the Olive Garden if we’re ever in the mood for faster Italian food.

We were rushed to a tiny two top table at the back of one of the wings of the franchise, our waitress mumbleasked what we wanted to drink and disappeared into the dimmed mood lights. She brought our drinks along with a bag of bread and a plate of cheap olive oil and burned garlic flakes.

I opted for soup and salad. Elise ordered the cheese tortellini. Elise’s food was okay – lukewarm and bland. She doctored her plate with crushed red pepper flakes. My soup had a subtle fresh-from-a-tin-can taste. My shrimp & artichoke Caesar was nothing to write home about. Now that I think about it, our $26.01 dinner outing tasted not much unlike banquet food.

The best part was our waitress, Christia brought the debit card receipt. I signed my wavy signature and took a glance at what was occupying my left hand… a gnarled pen cap. Our waitress gave me a pen that she had apparently mistaken for her chew toy. I hate thinking about being the root of someone’s termination, so I didn’t complain to a manager. I’m still debating with myself whether or not I should call up ol’ Mr. Carino and chewing on his ear some. I might just do that this afternoon. Maybe I could get a free meal out of it.

Prior to our outing I downloaded approximately 15gb of MP3s to the Archos. I think it took around 15-20 minutes. Pretty cool.

I don’t know what we’re doing today. It’s already 11 a.m. I think we’ll try the rodeo or Spamarama. Tonight we’ll probably go to a large party that Marshall’s co-hosting.

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