Rest of the weekend at Mom & Dad’s, hail,,

After eating on Saturday evening, we walked to the pond to see the hog tracks. We found a couple trees that are being beaten alive by woodpeckers.

Elise and I stayed up to watch another worthless episode of Saturday Night Live.

Sunday… hmmm, we woke up and had omelets. Elise put Que to rest. Que was her cat that we had to put to sleep a couple years ago. We had her cremated and finally spread her ashes by the live oak tree in my parents’ front yard.

I took the box that once contained Que’s ashes and made a jewelry box for Elise.

The drive home to Austin was nice. For once, in a great while, coming home from my parents’ house wasn’t painstaking. I didn’t have the inclination to seek psychiatric help on Monday morning. I really like coming back to Austin. I think back to the days of when we would drive back to Temple, knowing that I had to work at that other place… I get all watery in the glazzies just typing about it.

Anyway – the week has been fast and furious, as usually. As I type this, it is hailing harder than I have seen hail fall in Texas. I’m pretty sure we’ll have hail damage to both the trust Shadow and the Jeep.

I bought and today. I’m still ripping CDs. I’m pretty much done ripping all of my CDs. I’m yet to start on Elise’s CDs. Hopefully the Archos will be tomorrow – I have gigs and gigs of MP3s waiting on it.

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