Form to Fax

Sometimes I surprise myself. Well, I don’t really surprise myself, but I make myself happy. No – no, sometimes I do surprise myself. I can’t think of anything right now… but today I made myself happy.

Since I started my new job, my boss has mentioned some things he would like to change about the functionality of our clients’ websites as well as a few adjustments to our corporate website. One of the first changes he wanted was a server-side form handling script (you know, when you fill out a form on a website and your input gets magically sent to wherever it’s supposed to go). When he first mentioned this, I said “Sure… no problem, I can do that with my eyes closed.” So, I sat down and started customizing a script that I had used in the past. Well, your humble narrator is used to working on Linux/Apache servers. I’m used to perl/cgi scripts. We’re on Microsoft IIS servers. That means active server pages (asp). Okay, too technical. So now I’m having to learn asp. By the way, that’s pronounced Hay (silent “H”) Esss Pee.

So I created a form that’s handled server-side in asp. Great, groovy, fantastic. Another idea my boss had been kicking around was having the ability to have an online form send a fax. To make a long story short, I customized a form handler script that will send a fax with prescription refill information to a pharmacy. I pretty much spent all day on that today and now my eyeballs are about to rupture as I write this. That’s it. Yeah, thought it was going to be something cool, huh? Well, it’s the little things.

Now I just wish I could figure out how to lick my damn elbow. Oh well… I think I’ll go run with scissors now and see how long it takes before something bad happens.

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