Elise’s birthday

I’ve had no time to do anything recently – especially update the website.

Work has been keeping me really busy. I’m really enjoying my new job. I was hired on to help a few people out, now I feel like I need someone to help me out! As I was told from the beginning, my job entails quite a bit of production work. I also have these left-handed, research and development projects. I’m hoping we can expand soon and I can start focusing more on the R&D. I still enjoy the production work… it makes me feel… well, productive.

The past month has been a blur. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been back in Austin for six weeks. Things look like they’re finally starting to settle down a bit.

Jenni and her boyfriend, Brett came to visit this past weekend. They made it to our apartment before I got home from work on Friday. We all visited for a while, then I had to play accounts receivable and shipping department for all of my recent eBay sales. I don’t know why I keep doing that to myself. I decide that I want to sell things on eBay, so I list them all at once. Recently I’ve been trying to track who bought what, for how much and by which means.

After I finished ‘business’, the four of us jumped in the Jeep and had dinner at Threadgill’s. We all came back to the apartment, each had a few glasses of elixir and listened to some tunes. I showed Brett the joys of gratuitous game play violence. Hilarity ensued.

Elise, Jenni and Brett woke up early and went to the Red Apple Sale at Foley’s. I woke up later to shave the hair off of my tongue that apparently grows quite nicely when fertilized by scotch. I hopped in the shower and then headed to Central Market. I got home just before the Mall Squad and made California rolls and spring rolls.

We ate lunch and sat around the apartment for the rest of the afternoon.

We went to Romeo’s later that night to celebrate Elise’s birthday. The food and company were great – the weather wasn’t. We tried to go to the Gingerman. They had reached capacity. We walked next door to the Fox & the Hound. To spare you the details, Elise and Jenni tied a few on. John and Christine met up with us after we had been at the bar for a while. We all had a great time (at least those of us who can remember!)

We closed the Fox & the Hound. When we got back to the apartment, Elise and Jenni decided it was time to sing and dance. Brett and I laid low in the kitchen and had a night cap. I had to make mad dashes into the living room to turn the stereo down just enough to keep the pictures from falling off of the walls. I have most of this episode of Star Search on video if you want to see it…

We got up in time to go to lunch on Sunday morning. Seeing how it was Elise’s birthday, I wasn’t going to complain about the restaurant chosen. Seeing how it is now the day after Elise’s birthday, I will say that I will never eat at Magnolia Cafe ever again. I’ve always disliked their food and this visit put the icing on the cake. Elise didn’t like her food either. I’ve tried different things at Magnolia in the past and have never liked the food. This time, I tried the nachos thinking “How could anyone screw up an order of nachos?” Go to Magnolia Cafe on Congress – they’ll show you how. Elise had the Love Migas. I think she stomached half of her plate. Victor, who could eat a rusted gas tank off of a bulldozer didn’t seem like he swung on his meal either. Jenni and Brett got lucky – they both said their food was good.

I took Elise to Oshman’s and then to Academy where, after 15 pairs, decided on one pair of tennis shoes that she liked. That was her birthday present from me. We went over to Sam’s to do nothing but walk around and say “Why are we walking around in Sam’s?”

We came back home and I gave Elise a big basket full of wine and chocolates. We just sat around like a couple of bumps and watched cheesy movies on TV.

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