Elise is published

You might have a picture in your office or stuck to your refrigerator – one of a purple giraffe or a red and green Santa Claus. I have my wife’s first newspaper-published photograph hanging in my office.

My wife, Mrs. Elise Janicek had her first photograph printed in the Temple Daily Telegram this morning. You can’t begin to imagine how happy for her and proud of her I am. Look, it says right there underneath the image: “Photo by Elise Janicek”.

Elise talked with the managing editor at the Telegram last week and was asked if she would like to shadow one of paper’s staff photographers this week. Her first assignment was to tag along with a guy who was to shoot the Scott & White Holiday Lighting Ceremony. Before she knew it, she was handed a camera and told to “get to work”.

Evidently they like Elise and want her to shoot more. We’re both really anxious to see where this takes her. She already has assignments for the rest of the week!

Congratulations Elise, I’m proud of you!!!

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