Lose weight and HartzVictims.org

Just in time for the holiday season. Folks, listen up. I’ve found the way to cut down on the consumption of sweets. Here’s the secret:

1) With two determined bites, place a 0.6 oz. (17g) snack size Hershey’s milk chocolate bar in your mouth.
2) While chewing your chocolate, clean a double-occupancy cat litter box.

It’s that easy! I just did it. I wonder if that would qualify me to have my own wee-hours infomercial…

I’m still walking to work. It was cold today. We have three vehicles right now and I’m walking to work. I still really enjoy the walk. We’re taking the Trooper to Mom and Dad’s this weekend to clean it up, slap a For Sale sign on it and leave it. Hopefully someone out there in the country could go for a late-80’s model Trooper.

Before I forget – and while I have cat poo on the brain – I’ve setup a site for Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick drops victims: http://www.janicek.com/hartz. The response has been positive thus far. It looks like I’ll be getting some backing for this project. I have one guy who said he would donate a substantial amount. By substantial I mean his donation will pay for the site to be up for at least one year!!! I’m pretty excited about this project. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to purchase the domain and contact the media.

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