Dear Diary: Entry I

The last time we were at my parents’ house, I cleaned out my old closet. I found a lot of old high school and college projects. Most of which are inconsequential.

I did, however, find a wealth of old puppy love letters, random diary entries and the like. I think I’m going to start posting them here for the sake of posterity – and for my own amusement. I will try not to transpose my handwritings. I might have to do a little editing [for content only]

The weekend of the 14-17

Fair holidays. Thursday morning I wake up, no school. I eat, embark northward towards the humble town of Bellville for the 66th annual Austin County fair parade. I park on a street by the police station. Then I walk back towards the square. I laid low & dipped into the alley that leads to the Tap Room. I sat in front of the Tap Room after talking to Lanessa for a while. Then I went to the bank in Sealy, cashed coins & went to houston. Went to Service World , took in stereo, looked for Mitsubishi place for a bra, went & ate at Memorial City. Went shopping around. Went to Soundwaves, bought Pearl Jam ‘Go’ single and Cypress Hill. Talked to Sadof [popular Houston DJ at the time] about Golden Palimino etc. Went to talk to Dad at the office, wasn’t there, I went home. Ate, sped to JW’s to meet Kristin & Stacy. They weren’t there so I decided to take those old beta tapes to the thrift shop. Then drove back to JW’s & they were there. We stayed there for a while, then went to the fair. Stayed, moseying about, we talked to Ash and Chris. I was pissed because I wanted them to leave. I don’t know why. Maybe it was just Stacy. Sometimes I just hate being around Kristin’s friends. But anyway. I took them to Tom’s and of course, my car ran out of gas. Lost my keys, left ’em at Quick Stop. All that — hooplah. So finally that was done. I got gas in my car and drove it back to Tom’s with Kristin. We stayed there for about an hour & a half. Kristin and I would go into the back room [no, not what you’re thinking] just to get away from everyone. 12 o’clock, they left. 12:15, I left.

Friday, I can’t seem to remember what I did. Slept late… oh yeah, band practice at Ash’s. I was supposed to meet Kristin and Stacy at my house at four. No show. I went to work [I was a short order cook at the Tap Room], Kristin was there, alone. I was pissed because she was late but happy because Stacy wasn’t with her. I worked, she went to my house. I called her, told her to meet me at 9:30. She did, we went

[That’s all that was written in that ‘diary entry’. I’ll never know how the story ended…]

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