Apartment complex party, Elise’s job, dove hunting

I’m really tired. I don’t even want to think about how much time I spent on HH today. I did a ton of custom coding for their submission form. My eyeballs hurt.

Elise and I went to apartment complex social this evening. We ate brisket, sausage, beans and coleslaw. Can’t beat a free dinner. We’re also receiving three months of free digital cable. We won a door prize, an ivy. Free food, free cable, free plant. Not too bad.

Oh yeah, and we received a letter from our friends at the Internal Revenue Service today. They screwed up. They’re sending us $43.00.

It was confirmed that Elise has a perfect attendance record at work. This is apparently rare at Sallie Mae. She has also received 100% on all of her quality control reviews. She received 100% on all of her training tests. It was announced today that Sallie Mae will be accepting applications and resumes for full-time employment. Maybe she will get that pencil sharpener.

All in all, not a bad Thursday. Watch… something horrible will probably happen soon.

El and I are going to my parents’ house tomorrow. Dad and I are going white-tail dove hunting in deep south Texas on Saturday and Sunday. I don’t know where the place is – somewhere near Laredo.

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