e-vites, selling more on eBay, 32mb graphics card

I just put some more stuff on eBay. Getting rid of these kind of hurts. I’m selling my DOD Death Metal FX86 guitar pedal and my VOX Wah-Wah. Makes me want to cry (he he). But really, I used the hell out of those pedals back in the day. I would still used them if my amp worked. I told Elise that I’m going to sell these pedals, but one day I’m going to want to get another amp, so I’ll probably have to buy more pedals. This probably won’t be until we get a house and half of the garage is my mechanic shop/one man band rehearsal studio.

I got in trouble this morning for not passing along an e-vite. Let me first say: Don’t send me e-vites. I won’t read them. I don’t know what e-vite’s ‘privacy policy’ is and I don’t care. I don’t want my email address floating around. I’ve received two e-vites in the past month and now I’m just waiting for the spam to start flowing in. I don’t care how web savvy you think you are, just send me an email and say: “Hey Josh, I’m having a party”. Or better yet, use the phone. Send me an e-vite and I’ll use your email address to subscribe to every porn and ‘get out of debt free’ newsletter I can find.

Anyway, our friend Jenni is having a birthday party in Dallas tonight. I was sent an e-vite for this party. I didn’t read the e-vite. Jenni called today and asked if we received the invitation. Elise said no. Jenni said that the e-vite was sent to me. So then I had to explain why Elise didn’t know about the e-vite. We already knew about the party before the online invitation.

We went to Mazzio’s last night and split a pepperoni pizza. A little girl was playing with a red rubber bouncy ball. Elise was just sitting there talking to me when I saw, out of the corner of my eye, this little ball bouncing around the restaurant and this little girl chasing it. The ball landed right in El’s lap. She didn’t see it coming – I did. It was funny. I guess you had to have been there.

We went grocery shopping after that. I think we’re finally learning how to grocery shop. We spend a lot of money, but we only have to go every three weeks now. We came home to a full parking lot at our apartment complex. Our parking lot has never been full. Some guy moved in downstairs and across the hall. I think he was having a party. He pissed off the neighbors above him.

Elise fell asleep on the couch while I watched Slamball on ESPN. At first I thought to myself “Geez…. this is so stupid”. Then I actually started watching it. It looks like a lot of fun. It’s like arena football, hockey and basketball – but with trampolines! I’d like to play Slamball. I forgot who won – I didn’t care, it was just cool watching guys jump ten feet into the air and collide with one another.

I’m not too impressed with my PNY Verto 32mb PCI graphics card. My computer seems sluggish when pages are loading, when I’m typing and while using Photoshop. When I minimize Photoshop and then maximize it again, all of my images are stacked on top of each other. In the past, when I would type, the curser would keep up with me. Uggghhh. I don’t even want to think about editing video! Guess I’ll have to wait a while and look into selling this one and moving on to a 64mb card.

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