Pretzels, DJ, seat stitching

Rain, rain, and more rain. It rained all weekend. I guess we really needed it, but it put a damper on my plans.

I just read something pretty interesting…. It’s kind of dated data, but interesting nonetheless. In 1994, the best value college education could be attained at the University of Texas at Austin. Second best was Texas A&M. First runner up was Baylor.

Also, did you know that it’s not proper to address or refer to a married woman by using Mrs. and her first name? For example: Mrs. Elise Janicek is improper. She should [formally] be addressed as Mrs. Josh Janicek, or Ms. Elise Janicek.

Anyway – it just started pouring again.

Friday night El and I hopped on the bike and went to Bruckbauer’s for pizza and beer. Our pizza was burnt. The entertainment for the evening was provided by DJ Dr. Time. The whole scene was pretty bad. It was like a junior high dance where everyone avoided the dance floor as well as any sort of interaction with the DJ, despite his pleas.

Once the DJ started playing, 80% of the crowd left. We stayed because El and I were deep into an existential discussion. Around 11, the crowd grew a little. The DJ made another attempt at audience participation…. “If you can tell me how hot it is in Texas, I’ll give you a prize.” Well, Elise won the prize. I can’t tell you what she said, but we made out with a nice Pokemon water bottle and a box of half eaten, charred pizza.

I got up on Saturday and started stitching the seat on the Shadow. I got about half way done and it started pouring. I came inside and worked on El’s computer and made some more soft pretzels. El’s machine is pretty much back to normal – minus all of her files. I reinstalled Kazaa and now she’s been working diligently on downloading mp3’s.

I deleted all of the replicated wedding photos on I freed up almost 15 megs. While doing that, I listened to Eminem’s new CD – twice. Pretty good stuff.

Later in the evening we rented The Others and A Beautiful Mind. I didn’t like the latter. I fell asleep in the middle of The Others. Guess I’ll finish watching that today while it continues to rain.

I just finished stitching my seat. It looks pretty ghetto. Oh well, I guess I can officially call my bike a custom cruiser!

I’m making some more soft pretzels today. I’m getting pretty good at it. This batch is going to be wheat berry. The ones that I made last night were awesome. I could seriously run those mall kiosks out of business.

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