Long awaited weekend… what to do?

Today took forever. The hard part about working where I do is that it seems like everyone takes off on Friday, or at least leaves early. So you’re sitting there the whole day daydreaming about leaving early. I thought about jetting, but then I said: “Nah, I probably wouldn’t do anything worthwhile at home anyway.” So, I actually got some substantial work done this afternoon. Of course there is the nice occasional cube visit by a coworker that breaks the monotony.

I’ve already assigned myself a mission (a couple of them actually) for the weekend. First, stitch the trusty Shadow. Then, change El’s oil. Then, when it’s nice and toasty outside, I’m going to drink as much malt liquor as I can, eat some cottage cheeze, wrap myself up in afgan blankets to look like a ninja and sprint south on the I-35 shoulder. Then I’ll come home and shave my head with a cheeze grater to cool myself off and chew on some tin foil.

But really, I’m going to get the ol’ Pinnacle DC30 (video capture card) up and running properly. I can capture video, but not audio. I’m thinking about installing AfterFX as well. Assuming that all goes smoothly [yeah right], I think I’m going to start writing a script. I still really want a DV camcorder though – that would make things so much easier, what with a Firewire and all.

Oh yeah, I need to wash my bike too – and lube the chain. I think El and I will take the bike out tonight – once it cools down a bit.

When I got back to work from lunch today, a lady stopped me and asked where I got my bike… blah blah… she said her boyfriend was looking to buy a motorcycle. I told her I would sell him mine and I gave her my card – we’ll see.

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