TGIF, jerky is good, Philip, Evan

Today was going fast until after lunch. I swear, I got to work, then had to turn around and grab lunch. I have no clue as to where my morning went [meetings]. I took an early lunch (noon… that’s early for me), came back and the rest of the afternoon took forever. I got some work done on some projects and helped my friend, Luciana with a TV spot that she’s creating.

Philip was supposed to call me last night or today so we could get together this weekend – don’t know what the hell happened to him — haven’t heard from him. I’ve decided that if I don’t get a call, I’m going to bite the bullet and finally install Linux on one of the machines. Guess I’d better dust off the cuss word thesaurus for this project…

In other news – my beef jerky turned out pretty damn good. It’s a little spicier than I had thought, but I’m not complaining. El sweats when she eats it.

We watched Monster’s Ball the other night – now I understand why Halle Berry won an Oscar… good movie. We started watching The Apartment last night – another good movie, but I couldn’t finish watching it as I was falling asleep.

El’s at the pool right now. Guess she’s letting a little sunshine into her life, so to speak. She was pretty upset about her interview today – I can’t blame her. In my “pep talk”, I tried to stay positive while telling her that that is the first of many [rejections]. She has the right attitude though, taking something negative and making something positive out of it. “If it hurts, then it’s good for you.”

Johnny’s little brother, Evan is getting married this weekend…. Seems like just yesterday he was our little sidekick.

Speaking of Evan and Philip – I remember back when we first got our driver’s licenses… One of John’s and my pasttimes was “motorsurfing” – riding a skateboard while hanging on to the trunk of a moving car.

One Saturday, John and I decided to let Philip into our little surf club. John was driving, I was in the front passenger seat and Evan was in back. We were cruising along in the Engler’s neighborhood with Philip surfing from the back seat window. After a short while, we heard the wipeout and a second later, a “thump”. John stopped the car and we all jumped out to find Philip laying in the middle of the road, clutching his knee next to a broken skateboard. The short of it: John ran over Philip’s leg. Luckily nothing broke – Philip just got a nice scratch on his leg and had tire marks across his knee for a couple days. Man, I’m suprised we’re all still alive today — “If it hurts, then it’s good for you”…

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