Finally moved in

115-102 Dallas. The Mavs lead the series against Minnesota 3-0. Yeah!

El and I are finally moved in in Temple. We had movers move us yesterday. That’s made life so much easier. It took them 2 hours to load our stuff. It would have taken El and I at least 2 days. I have Scott & White to thank for the moving allowance!

Our apartment is actually cozy with most of our stuff. I thought I was going to be a big cluster. El and I decided to just start throwing stuff away or giving it to Goodwill. So now we don’t have as much junk!

I’m pretty much settled in… I’ve gotten to know Temple a little and feel pretty comfortable around here. I’m sure Elise will have to endure a small acclimation. The funniest thing is Riley. I’m sitting here in the new home office and I can see Riley sleeping on the patio. He was really stressed when we were tearing the Austin apartment apart. El brought him up last night and set him down in the living room. He sniffed around for a couple minutes, then just made this place home. He has all of his ‘stuff’ here, so I guess he doesn’t need much more.

I wonder if he’s going to miss his friends. In Austin, he had all of the neighborhood strays that he would talk to when he was on the patio. I haven’t seen many loose cats around here.

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