Dallas Mavericks, Brian, the neighbor

Woohoo… Go Mavericks. 2-0! I was kind of upset because the Mavs didn’t go further last year. Looks like they might have a chance this go-around. Sorry, the b-ball in me will start rearing its head now – tis that time of year. Of course, I’ll always be wearing my purple and yellow (Lakers). I really wish Houston would do something again. My interest in b-ball really started again in ’94 when Houston did so well. Now, as I grow older and ‘move on’, I get further and further away from Houston. First it was Cat Spring (an hour from Houston), then Austin (two hours from Houston), now Temple (don’t know how far – haven’t driven it yet), but I’ll still bleed red for the Rockets (assuming they’re still red… now I think it’s purple and black or something like that)

I finally hung out with one of my neighbors tonight. His name is Brian. He’s a huge Japanese-American military guy. He’s really nice. He came up to use my phone this evening. We wound up hanging around the balcony most of the night. He’s a tank commander – has to be at ‘work’ (he calls it playing) at 5 a.m. everyday. I finally had the opportunity to tell someone in the military that I appreciate what they do. It was good to be able to express that.

Brian always calls me ‘sir’. I’ve said ‘Hi’ in passing many times in the past 6 weeks that I’ve been here – and he always says “Hello Sir”. I appreciate that because I understand respect. I’m not saying that I’m better than him, I’d be willing to call him ‘sir’ as well. Hell, if anything, he’s probably more worthy of the title than I am. That’s just the TKD coming out in me.

I feel a lot better knowing that I now know someone in the building. Maybe now I can exercise my idea of sharing one Road Runner connection. I don’t know if Brian has a computer, but I’ve always thought that it would be so easy to run 100′ of Cat5 cable from my router to someone else’s apartment and split the broadband bill. Guess I’ll have to bring that up in our next meeting. Sorry Time Warner, but I own stock in you guys and it’s about time I get something back! – or just a less-expensive cable bill!

I really need sleep – I stayed up too late watching basketball. Elise called me early tonight. Today was her last day at Circle C. I told her she could take (needs) a little hiatus. She deserves it. I hope she can find a good job that will make her really happy and give her the opportunity to contribute her knowledge. I sometimes wish that I had everything in the world – I would give it all to my wife… just for being the person that she is. Actually, you couldn’t put a price on my wife… she’s the best thing in the world.

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