I got the job!!! Cell phones

Well… I got the job at Scott & White. They called yesterday and made me a formal offer! What a relief! I’m a working man again. My start date is March 4th. Thanks to everyone for all of the support.

Elise and I got a pretty good deal on a couple cell phones today. We’re both not really keen on cell phones, but I feel a lot better with her having one – being a female and having a truck that’s getting up there in miles and wear and tear. I think it will be good for me too while I’m alone in Temple for the next couple months.

Anyway, we went to Best Buy just to look at phones and service options. They had a special going today: Buy a Sprint PCS phone and get a free DVD player. They were all out of DVD players, so they were offering $100 off each phone. The phones we chose were Samsung SPH-N200’s at $150 each, minus the $100, minus a $50 mail-in rebate. So we got two nifty cell phones for free.

We’re going to ditch our land line long distance, so we’re pretty much coming out even, plus the added security of having cell phones.

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