Waiting to hear from S&W, Blackhawk Down

I just called Scott & White again this morning. They’re still discussing the candidates. I asked when I should expect a phone call… they said by Monday.

Scott & White would be a great place to work for. For example, they offer partial tuition reimbursement if one should choose to go back to school and earn another degree. I wish they would offer sleep reimbursement. We went and caught a late movie last night. I drank a big Coke. We came home and the caffeine kept me awake in bed until after 3am. I still woke up at 8 because I keep expecting a phone call from them!

About that movie… We saw Black Hawk Down. Two words for you: Don’t go. Don’t even wait for it to come out on video. If you do, and you rent from Blockbuster, wait until it becomes a “favorite” and the price to rent it goes down.

The movie is based upon true events: the U.S. and U.N.’s involvement in Somalia. Kudos to Ridley Scott’s direction and the rest of the production team’s portrayal of the events.

In short, at least an hour of glorified and unnecessary gun fighting could have been editing out. Our soldiers are portrayed as Gap commercial ‘Yo Boys’ (no, not Hooah men – I know what that means). Saggy fatigues and little respect for authority. By no means am I knocking our military, but I think this movie did.

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