Shrimp po-boy, retreat at Ginny’s

I just made a killer, artery clogging shrimp po-boy. I took some really cheap, small cooked shrimp, seasoned and battered them.

Seasoning: seasoned salt, worcestershire, paprica, 1/2 lime
Batter: 3/4 Corona beer + 1 large fistful flour

Fried them in vegetable oil. Served them up on toasted French bread.

Sauce: 1 part ketchup, 1 part mayo, dash worcestershire.

I think I’ll add that to the Janicek restaurant’s lunch menu (whenever it opens!)

I had a full-day marketing department retreat at S&W’s CSO’s house today. I learned a lot and was able to present the Website’s redesign to the group.

I found out that Ginny (CSO) went to Le Cordon Bleu in London. I didn’t have much of a chance to pick her brain – I’ll get to that another time.

El has been in Austin all day (again). She went early so she could get everything up off of the floor so the maintenance guys could come and steam clean the carpet. El called me as I was leaving Ginny’s to tell me that they never showed. I rushed home and called the apartment complex. I think I scared the hell out of them. I told them that I wanted $25 cash (gas money for El driving to Austin) or my carpet cleaned. We’ll see.

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