Texas Draw LAX tournament

The girls were officially done with school on Thursday. On Friday we packed up after lunch and headed north up 35 to Plano for the Texas Draw lacrosse tournament. We pulled into our hotel around 5 p.m., checked in, unpacked, and then headed down to Ace’s Sports Hangar for a happy hour with Michelle, Stacey, Mike, Molly and our respective daughters. After a couple hours of hanging out and chatting we walked over to the Saltgrass Steakhouse for an hour-long wait for a table for dinner.

It wound up being a late dinner and a late night. I think we went to bed after midnight, and the alarm at 6:30 on Saturday morning came early. Due to a lot of rain that we’ve been getting lately, the tournament was delayed 2 hours. An hour into that delay we learned that our first game would be delayed 5 hours. So we just hung out in our room and them drove to meet the rest of the team for lunch at Jimmy John’s at 11:30.

After lunch it was time to head to the field so the girls could warm up. The parents found a shady spot and watched a couple teams play. Then it was time for the Outlaws’ first game against San Antonio Forged. The girls took control early on for a final score of 6-4. In the second half Forged scored most of their points, but the Outlaws started getting serious again and hung on to their lead for the win. This was the first actual game (non-scrimmage) win for Maly!

We didn’t fare as well in the second game against Houston GRIT with a final score of 10-2. But the girls had fun and built a really cool bond over the weekend, on top of the bond they’d created since playing together at the beginning of May.

Since there was a 5 hour delay in play, we weren’t done with our second game until almost 6 p.m. And that’s about when the rain came. We left the fields and went to Kroger for various sundries, then back to the hotel to hang out. The girls took off giggling to go hang out in each others’ rooms. Parents freshened up and some went to hang out in the lobby. Everyone kind of did their own thing for dinner. Finally Elise, Molly and I decided to order tacos from Taco Ocho. I took Mara out to the pool so she could swim for a whole 90 seconds before the lightning and thunder started rolling in. And then the rain started pouring down.

After another late night, we went to bed to get ready for another day of lacrosse tournaments. We woke up early on Sunday only to find out that the tournament had been canceled due to the rain and wet field conditions.

With the one win and one loss, we ranked 3rd in our division of 5.

So we took it easy Sunday morning. We went downstairs for a late breakfast. Then we packed up, said our goodbyes and started the long trek back to Austin. But not before driving across the street to Nebraska Furniture Mart to shop living room furniture. We weren’t hell bent on getting new furniture, but decided to go shopping because, well, we don’t have a NFM in Austin.

We didn’t find anything that we had to have, and it was getting late, so we got on the road and started heading back home.

The girls only got to play half their scheduled games, but they still had a really good time. I think the one victory helped, and I think just getting to hang out with each other was a bonus. Elise and I also had a great time hanging out with Michelle, Molly, Mike and Stacey. I’m really glad Maly has found a passion for lacrosse.

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