2,022 miles for the year

I checked my year-to-date stats on Strava this morning and saw that I was at 2,011 miles. 2,011 miles is the furthest I’ve run in a year in the 7 years that I’ve been running. I always though it would be cool to run the year in miles.

It probably helped that this year started with a lot of big races. I was putting in high mileage while training for the Houston Marathon. Then I ran Houston on January 19th and immediately jumped right back into marathon training to get ready for the Antelope Canyon 50-miler in March. I ran the Austin Marathon in February as a training run. And then COVID happened and I’ve just kept running with nothing to train for other than just maintaining my sanity. And it’s been nice working from home because I’ll usually take a break from work and go for a run midday.

And I’m not planning on being done with running for the year. I still have a couple more days. But, if the universe has other plans, at least I beat 2020 in mileage.

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