Day 3 of the plant-based diet

Kiwi for breakfast. Ran a 5k during lunch for Taco Tuesday and requested avocado tacos with no dairy. I turned down the gender-reveal cake because it contained butter. Had a handful of almonds when I got home from work.

For dinner we had lentil loaf. Elise made it, so I’m not 100% sure what it had in it. I think she said it was lentils, oatmeal, rice, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions. It was surprisingly “meaty.” I’m learning that I can easily doctor things up with a little sriracha.

A couple of cheats – I’ve been putting a little bit of creamer in my coffee and I had a piece of my birthday cake after dinner last night. I decided on the piece of cake because 1) I didn’t have a piece of cake on my birthday (I had a bite of Elise’s) and 2) I was taking one for the team. If there’s cake in the fridge, the daughters will eat it all.

The good news: the cake was actually kind of gross. I think it was more of a mental thing because I’d been really conscious of what I’d been putting in my body all day, and was pretty proud of it. The other good news is I really don’t miss meat. Even when I’m a full-on carnivore, I’ll often opt for a vegetarian (or maybe even vegan) meal. I like vegetables and plant-based proteins, so I don’t feel like I’m punishing myself here.

I didn’t take a photo of the lentil loaf because, well, it looks like a lentil loaf.

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