Day 1 of the plant-based diet

Maly and her BFF decided they were going to go on a liveit. Not a diet, because diet has the word “die” in it. So Maly checked out Dr. Khan’s “The Plant-Based Solution.” Well, her “liveit” didn’t really take hold, so Elise started reading the book and decided that we’d try the 21-days of plant-based meals. We waited until after we did a little barbecue indulging for my birthday, and then started the diet late on Sunday.

I went on a run with my run club on Sunday morning and we had breakfast tacos afterward. I opted for the migas taco as I was being mindful of any processed meats. I know eggs and cheese aren’t plant-based, but I was still starting the day with making a healthier decision. I could’ve easily gone with bacon and/or chorrizo.

For lunch I had pita chips, hummus and olive tapenade. And then for a later lunch I had a small bowl of potato soup. For dinner I cooked the 3-bean chili recipe from the aforementioned book. Just from reading the recipe I could tell it was going to be very bland, so I sweated the onions and carrots in olive oil (versus the called-for water), I added TEN times the amount of chile powder that was called for, three times the cumin, a lot more garlic, and I added smoked paprika and salsa. Oh yeah, and this recipe called for no salt and pepper, so I obviously added that. They say if you change or add three ingredients you can call a recipe your own.

And the chili was actually really good. None of us felt like we were missing anything with the absence of meat, and we were all sufficiently full afterward.

So far so good.

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