The 20-miler

I ran my first 20-miler today. It was rough. Elise texted me around noon (after I’d come home, ate, showered & took a nap) and asked how it was. My response: “Run was a lot like what I think death would be like. Raw, real, painful. Some parts were nice. Other parts not so nice.”

If memory serves me, I think it was 78-degrees at 5:45 a.m. today. So after about 3 miles in, my personal running microclimate was somewhere in the mid-90’s. And it was humid and the air thick. I hit a bit of a wall at mile 15. Then I hit another wall around mile 17. I finally had to stop and walk around the neighborhood I was in and fine a water hose on the side of someone’s house and take some big mouthfuls of nasty, rubbery-tasting water. I slogged through the remaining 3 miles, but it kind of sucked.

I’ve always resolved that I’d just have to slog through the really long runs when it gets hot in Austin. I’m hoping the slogging through will make it easier and better when the cooler weather comes back in 7 or 8 months. In the meantime, it’s kind of a cool feeling of accomplishment to’ve run 20-miles.


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