First run with Blue

Since we got Blue 10 days ago, the weather has been, well, crappy. It’s been cold and wet. We’re having our 6-week of Austin weather and it’s just gross outside. Because of that, there’s not much motivation to be outside. Today it warmed up a little bit, but there was still some “good” humidity, which means there was enough of a a crispness in the air to make for good running weather.

And in these past 10 days, Blue hasn’t been able to “work.” She needs to run. She needs to herd. She needs a job. Maly and I took her out for a 2.5 mile run this morning at Maly’s pace. After I was finally able to take the Christmas lights off the house and put them back in the attic, and after the girls went to church, I decided to take Blue on our first run together. I’d tried last weekend and failed. We made it past two driveways and Blue saw or heard something that caused her to stop. I kept going and took her leash and collar with me. I figured teaching her how to run was going to be an involved process. Given the luck that Maly and I had this morning, I figured I’d try her out with some mileage and at a faster pace.

That dog can run. And she stayed right at my heels and didn’t trip me up once. We put in some sub-7 miles. Maybe I’ve got myself a free pacing coach.


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