Flat iron steak marinade

One night we went to the best little neighborhood Mexican restaurant. Now, I don’t mess around with entrees like enchiladas. I ordered the bistec encebollado because steak dammit. And man, that was a good steak. Maybe my iron levels were low, or maybe it was just a really good flat iron steak. I think that was the first time I knowingly consumed a flat iron steak. But it was so good that I made a mental inventory that “I really love flat iron steak.” And like on most occasions, if I dine out and have a really good meal, I like to think about said meal and figure out how to cook it myself.

Seared flat iron steak with marinadeI didn’t bother trying to replicate how the steak itself was seasoned. I went out and bought flat iron steaks the next time I was at the grocery store. When they don’t have flat iron steak, I like to get a flank steak. If they don’t have that, I might get a skirt steak.

I grew up in a ribeye steak family. My dad loved ribeyes, so when the family had steaks, that’s what dad made. I still like a good ribeye, but I like skirt and flat iron steaks even better.

One night Elise was going to make carne asada. Now, if you know Elise, you know that she’s more of the verbatim recipe follower. For whatever reasons, I commandeered the kitchen and took over making the meal for the night. She handed me her phone, on which contained the recipe for the carne asada. I read the ingredients, not paying attention to the measurements and quantities, and made beautifully seared, juicy and delicious grilled flat iron steaks. Usually for steak I just rely on salt, pepper and garlic powder. Sometimes I’ll just use Montreal steak seasoning. But not for the flat iron. I like this simple, non-measured marinade for my Mexican steaks:

  • white vinegar
  • soy sauce
  • garlic, minced
  • limes, juiced
  • olive oil
  • coarsely ground black pepper
  • chili powder
  • dried oregano
  • ground cumin
  • paprika
  • white onion, chopped
  • crap ton of chopped fresh cilantro (crap ton is an actual unit of measurement in my kitchen)

Throw all of the above in large stainless steel bowl with the steaks and let them sit for a while. Throw the steaks on a really hot fire to get a good sear. Quarter turn steaks after 2.5 minutes, flip after another 2.5 minutes and then generously pour some of the marinade on top of the steaks. Close the grill lid so the smoke from the steaks and marinade add a bit extra of that awesome smoky and marinady flavor.

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