Pre-K philanthropy

This evening Maly rode her scooter and I my longboard to the mailbox where we were both pleasantly surprised to find a card from my sister. The card was well wishes for Maly’s first day of Kindergarten, and included a gift card from Target.

When we got back home five minutes later, we had this conversation:

“I can’t wait until tomorrow. I want to go to Target and buy something!”

“Now, Sugar, why don’t we wait until there’s something that you really want or need, and then we can go to Target.”

Without hesitate, her eyes grew as big as saucers and she said:

“Ooh, Daddy! I know! We could take the money to your Rotary Club. We could use it buy a toy to give to the kids who don’t get to get any toys at Christmas!”

I’ve had some proud moments in my 5+ years of being a father, and this is one of those that ranks mighty high on that list!

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