Indoor rye grass lawn

For Christmas, Joanne sent Maly a little Santa head pot with a little package of rye grass seeds. A few days before Christmas, Maly and I planted the seeds and were able to watch the seeds turn into bright green blades of grass. Maly got a kick out of it because she was able to see the “fruits” of her labor, and she likes to give Santa a haircut every couple days. I enjoy looking at the vibrant green blades of grass on our kitchen window sill. The growth and life are refreshing, inspiring and invariably puts a smile on my face when I make my morning coffee.

Last night I was inspired and decided we needed a little rye grass lawn in our house. I ran over to the HoPot this morning and picked up a bag of rye grass and some scrap lumber to make a planter box. I built a little 2-foot by 4-inch box about 2-inches deep, slapped some leftover trim paint on it, put down a layer of combination peat moss and potting soil, a heavy layer of rye grass seeds and another top layer of soil. Then I went outside and poured a cup full of rain water from our rain barrel to water my new lawn. Hopefully in a couple days we’ll have a cool little planter box with some lush & vibrant green grass growing.

More photos of the Chelsea Lawn to come…

1/11/11 UPDATE:

After 1 week, and after becoming a bit discouraged and on the verge of dismissing the project, I came home this morning after getting a haircut to find bright green sprouts rearing their little heads:

1/12/11 UPDATE:

1/13/11 UPDATE:

1/14/11 UPDATE:

1/15/11 UPDATE:

1/16/11 UPDATE:

You can watch the 5 day time lapse video here.

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  1. Love to hear about your experiments with plants. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. Glad you also enjoy the mystery too.

  2. Didn’t I give y’all one of those African violets? The have been there so long so I don’t remember.

  3. i appreciate you not going to that evil blue place when you need grass seed and lumber. ;)

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