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  1. Looking for maiden name of Rosalia Janicek, my great-grandmother, born 1837 buried Frelsburg Catholic Cemetery, Colorado Co., TX I live in Temple, TX My grandmother was Veruna (Veronica) Janicek Kovar, Buckholts, immigrated, Vsetin, MO settled in Fayetteville with her father Johannis (Johan-John) and Rosalia Janitscheck in Fayetteville. Then came to Buckholts with her mother-in-law Marie Zapalac Kovar and 5 children by wagon and train while husband Michael and 2 sons rode the train with cattle to Buckholts. Your unusual spelling in the sidebar caught my eye as this is the way Rosalia’s tombstone spells her name the way I have it spelled which is close to yours. Where do you find your spelling or is it just phonetic? I trace my grandmother’s (Veruna’s) grandfather to have been married to at least 1833 and his name was also Joannis Janitscheck and his wife was Veronicae Petrzvalska.
    How about those facts? Do they jive with anything that you have collected so far. I have a ship’s manifest to substantiate this on the SS Strassburg 1872.
    I would be very happy to hear from you or your father or mother for further cirrespondence concerning the Janicek family. I had a little corresponding with Milady Harper, Uncle Joseph Janicek’s daughter before she passed on, they lived in Chreismann, TX. As you might guess from my rambling, I am 81, and enjoy genealogy. Please let me hear eirher way. God Bless.

  2. I don’t know if you are still looking for information.
    I think my mother (Betty Lazek Kostelecky) was your cousin.
    Let me know.

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